This Grade II* Listed Manor House commands a perfect setting deep in the Dorset Countryside. The site dates from Roman times, or possibly earlier still and has undergone multiple re-constructions, containing elements from the Medieval, Jacobean, mid Georgian, Victorian and 20thC periods.

Previous owners had made only cosmetic repairs and ill-conceived alterations. We have secured consents for an extensive remodelling and repair programme which is due for completion in early 2017.

Much of the work involves removing 20thC partitioning and finishes, with the aim to reveal the plan-form of the mid 18thC re-modelling.  As always, the challenge is to provide ‘inconvenient’ modern necessities such as bathrooms and dressing space, without compromising the integrity of the original plan. We feel we have succeeded.  Already the house feels it has been released and is breathing again. Inside now there is logic to the plan, there are views where previously there were none, there is natural light, there is uncluttered space, symmetry and proportion…… but there are also generous bathrooms, closets, WCs and airing cupboards, all tucked away but exactly where they are needed.

We are also carrying out a comprehensive structural repair programme. Sadly, Deathwatch beetle has been active – but ignored – for many years. A number of the gigantic principle beams which span between the main walls have been eaten – from inside out – and are now virtually shells, the inner core having been converted to dust. Rather than replacing the beams in their entirety, the remaining ‘shell’ will act as a formwork for a brand new core of epoxy resin and re-enforcing bars.  This technique preserves as much of the original timber as possible, whilst reinvigorating structural capacity.