Townsend Farm

Back in 2008 Jane and I bought a farm at Auction.

A couple of years previously, we had been on a meander deep into the West Dorset countryside with our friend Ben Pentreath, and I had realized that Powerstock could be the perfect place for us.  As fate would have it, we had seen this very property and jointly cooed over its rustic, rambling overgrown charm. Then by chance we had visited again and it had come up for sale for the first time in generations.

The Auction was a interesting challenge.  More than a thousand people had turned up,  including most of the village. The BBC filmed and asked us to appear on a property show – although we declined on the basis that the inhabitants of a sleepy unspoilt village might not appreciate a couple of Londoners charging in with camera crews……..

Here are pictures taken ‘on the morning after’. Miss Havisham wanders through the meadows, ‘snail shells crunching underfoot’ (that’s a postmodern blend of Dickens and Hardy)…….

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