Almost Completed Gym

The subterranean Gym at one of our latest projects is nearing completion.  Just snagging, final arranging of kit and cleaning required.  It’s pretty exciting stuff –   we opted for a modern, industrial aesthetic, with a mix of fair-faced concrete and brick walls, and exposed services all finished in aluminium, zinc and stainless steel.

The staircase was designed by Hackett Holland and manufactured by Bisca – it’s made in painted sheet steel, relieved by an oak ‘runner’, all cantilevered from a rectilinear central column – partly as the outer walls could not be penetrated due to the waterproofing membrane, and partly for the effect of light bleeding down at the perimeter.

The whole Gym sits below a pair of outdoor pools (one hot, one cold) and a traditional Garden Building. The Engineering was challenging, to say the least. We committed months of time to refining the details and layout of the exposed services.  The last mile of an epic adventure…..

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