Our Houses at Poundbury

Passing through Poundbury in Dorset recently, it was exciting to see some of the houses that we designed finally under construction, I stopped to take these snaps.

Being ‘Prince Charles’s Village’ (not strictly speaking accurate – it has been developed by The Duchy of Cornwall on their land as a commercial enterprise) –  Poundbury draws much criticism from a cynical and hostile Architectural Press.  It is true that there have been some mistakes. Some recent high profile buildings are, frankly, a disaster.  However generally I think it’s a huge success and an enterprise we are proud to have been involved in. Wouldn’t you rather live here than in a  W****y Home or on a B******t Housing Estate?  See my little montage at the end illustrating some alternative choices for buyers looking for traditional new-build.

Cute terrace in painted brick; built by CG Fry and Son. Surprisingly spacious inside.

A small terrace for the Guinness Trust. Not bad for social housing.

A personal favourite: three large windows on each floor addressing the views to the South; a curving staircase in the projecting semi-circular bay looking East. Regular front, asymmetric side.

NOT Poundbury

HA HA;  here are some images of what you might be offered elsewhere. If you cannot spot the difference, I would politely enquire as to why you are looking at our website.

And back to Poundbury again….  Ahhh, that’s better…..

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