Enclosing the Oak Roof

The roof to the Cottage has now been enclosed. On top of the Oak rafters we have laid reclaimed pine sarking boards. These will form the finish internally, remaining visible.  We bought a load from the liquidators auction of stock at Walcot Reclamation.

Then a layer of Pavatherm ‘Isolair’ wood fibre board. This fantastic product is made of wood waste. It provides additional thermal insulation and a 90 minute fire barrier. No membranes or ventilation is required as it is fully breathable. It has low embodied energy, and is 100% recyclable or compostable.

Then a breather membrane to protect the roof during thatching. The thatch will be traditional combed wheat straw, grown 100% organically, locally.



The old chimney stacks are being fitted with Pumice flue liners. These maintain temperature to ensure that gases fully combust, and also prevent the stack from overheating – and potentially igniting our timber frame and thatch!



2 Comments to “Enclosing the Oak Roof”

  1. Susan Walker says:

    Beautiful and how wonderful to see the mixture of old and new being so cleverly incorporated. Very thoughtful and in the long term, so much more enduring; a building to be shared for several more generations!

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