Lime Plaster At last!

Finally the naked stone walls are receiving a soothing coat of lime plaster.  Made of ‘fat’ lime putty, sand and hair, this age-old material allows the walls to continue breathing and moving. It is an historically authentic and technically appropriate solution – as well as being chemically inert and sustainable.  Cementitious renders or plasters – whilst strong – are brittle and impervious, trapping moisture and cracking at the slightest movement.  Our Contractor purchases lime plaster from the excellent Rose of Jericho  

The reclaimed quarry tiles have also been laid on the Ground Floor, staggered pattern, with the thinnest possible joints (grouted with NHL5 Lime).  Who would know that floor had only been down for days rather than centuries?

Between the oak joists the ceiling has been finished in Clayboard another marvellous breathable, natural and sustainable material. These boards are made from Clay, Reed and Hessian.




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