Horsing Around


Anna Smith from John Boyd Horsehair Textiles dropped in to the office recently. What a fabulous company!  They are one of two manufacturers of horsehair fabric in Europe and have been operating from the same mill in Castle Cary since the 1850s. The traditional techniques still employed to manufacture the fabric are so unchanged that even the looms in the mill are listed. Horsehair is both beautiful and extremely hardwearing , and is highly favoured here at Hackett Holland. It has featured in many guises in our projects.

Hackett Holland designed bed entirely finished in a mixed-weave horsehair and linen.

Hackett Holland designed footstool and bed headboard upholstered in John Boyd horsehair fabrics.

Horsehair lampshades

 even Nike trainers! (Ok, so that’s not Hackett Holland …….)

No animals were harmed in this production!


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