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Victorian Farm

In glorious South Shropshire, the ‘Historic Working Farm’ on the Acton Scott Estate played host to the BBC television series ‘Victorian Farm’. Gabriel loved the show – which was brilliantly produced- so we took him for the weekend to experience the real thing.

We stayed in ‘Ruth’s house’ – the setting for many scenes  in the series – which is perfectly preserved, with no sign of change since the 19th Century. There is no electricity. Your only choice for cooking and heating is the cast iron range. Gabriel bathed in a tin bath in front of the fire. Romantic bliss for a few nights, but had we lingered for any longer, the coal smoke and constant hand-washing would have rapidly eroded its charm. The past has much to offer, but modern technology has freed us from domestic slavery.

Happily Gabriel also got to meet the Shire horse ‘Clomper’, and was rather star-struck by the landlord, Mr Acton Junior


Shepherds Hut

The honest beauty of agricultural buildings

Look at that floor!

Gary in the Garden

Jane and I are soldiering on with our project in Dorset. Whilst we have finally submitted a Planning Application for renovation works to the Cottage,  the great weather has distracted my focus and I have been spending far too much time on the Landscaping works. Fortunately we are blessed with Gary.  Gary is officially a digger-driver, or ‘Groundworks Contractor’. In reality he is much much more – expert mechanic, ‘petrol-head’, builder, landscaper, gardener and –apparently-not a bad chef.  Gary seems to be able to turn his hand to almost any challenge and, having already built his own house, is helping us on many levels.  Here he is forming the structure of the giant ‘Rill’ –  a rectangular body of water which will be home to a few fish, frogs, newts, lilies, iris and other aquatic plants.  Thank you Gary!