Team HH on our annual Christmas jolly
We are excited to launch long awaited photographs of this project in Chelsea on our website. The design came from a convivial collaboration between client,  interior designer @katearbuthnottinteriors and HH.  The house was essentially rebuilt, and everything seen is new. All joinery detailed precisely by HH, including kitchen, screen, windows, shutters and window seat. The glorious colour scheme and furnishings by Kate. 📷 lovely @boz_gagovski
New Roof to our Listed Building project on Chiswick Mall. There is an ongoing tension between the need to preserve heritage, but address the Climate crisis by making Listed Buildings more energy efficient. The typical London ‘butterfly roof’ format regularly allows Photovoltaic panels, or perhaps solar thermal panels, to be installed without affecting the appearance of the building (unless you are a bird or live in a nearby multi-storey). And with minimal impact to historic fabric (although we did need to stiffen the rafters within the roof void). Butterfly roofs tend to sit behind a front parapet, concealing them from the street. In this case, conveniently, one side of each roof is orientated South-South-West. The panels do not generate all of the property’s electricity needs, but do contribute substantially. We are also replastering internally with lime-based insulating plaster. Every little helps. @hackettholland
An imaginative and rather touching tribute to HMQ from a local shopkeeper on Portobello Rd. Love the handbag topping it all. RIP Elizabeth The Great. 💔
Teruel, Aragon, Spain. Fabulous Mudejar architecture - combining both Moorish and Gothic elements - but relatively unknown outside Spain. (Certainly we did not spit any other Brits).
New Stamp coming soon from the Ukranian Postal Service. 🇺🇦