One of our clients is developing businesses in Mozambique, in industrial and real estate sectors. Having transformed his London house, we were asked to assist in guiding Architectural and Master-planning concepts for a number of sites.

In this capacity – as Consultants – we provided concept designs for a range of projects, which were then to be carried forward by local Architecture and Engineering Practices.

Our client’s priority is to ensure that new development is mindful of the local traditions – which have evolved to accommodate the extremes of climate – and is simple to build and to maintain.  In too many cases extravagant designs are proposed by outsiders who are not familiar with the realities of constraints ‘on the ground’. The maintenance of such buildings is often reliant on expensive Western technologies and replacement materials – which are not always readily available when needed.

In Mozambique the covered arcade is a ubiquitous for very good reason: during the rainy season the heavens open for three months solid.  For the rest of the year the sun is unrelenting. Both present a challenge to unprotected outdoor activity and movement.  Our concepts re-instate the arcade as the cornerstone of building in such a climate.