Willoughby Road


With three teenage children, downsizing from a house to a mansion flat in Richmond presented a challenge for our client, one which Hackett Holland rose to.

We opened up the dining room and kitchen and combined with the adjacent sitting room we created an L-shape open plan space, allowing an uninterrupted view of the river throughout.  Due to limited space and a desire to focus on the view, furnishings were chosen for their simplicity.  Walls were kept neutral, save for one that is hung with a 1746 Roque map of London.

The original maids room was the smallest room in the flat and considered a short straw when designating bedrooms, however by moving the door and installing a mezzanine bed, the room is a favourite with the owners.

The main bedroom is decorated in dark colours to exaggerate its cosiness.  A corner has been been hived off to create a walk-in wardrobe which is papered with a tropical wallpaper and overlaid with a grid of panelling to give it added depth.

Our clients now have all the room they need and can enjoy a more communal way of life as a family.

Build: Markstone Construction Ltd